Pilates for the Older Adult

10 reasons why you should give it a go:

1.    Improves posture and alignment of the body
2.    Alleviates neck and back problems
3.    Increases mobility and flexibility
4.    Reduces stress and tension
5.    Helps improve bone density (great for osteoporosis)
6.    Suitable for those with a hip or knee replacement
7.    Helps balance and coordination
8.    Makes daily tasks easier to perform
9.    An opportunity to meet up with friends
10.  No pain, plenty of gain!

Come and join the Thursday morning class at 10am. Beginners always welcome.

Café Unity, 228 Finney Lane, Heald Green

Please contact Julie on 07767 269 944 or use the 'contact me' form below to submit your enquiry.

Also available for Personal Training in your own home.

Julie is an Advanced Specialist Pilates Instructor with over 12 years' experience, REPS Level 3



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