The fundamental principles of Pilates

21 Jul 2020

· Paying attention to what you’re doing, trying not to get distracted.
· The starting position is equally as important as the execution of the movement.
· Each part of your body is equally important.
· You have to concentrate on what you are doing. All the time.

· You must be in control of every aspect of every movement.
· Every Pilates movement is done with accuracy and complete muscular control.

· The centre is the focal point of the Pilates Method.
· It runs right round the body from the front to the back, from just below your rib cage right down to your pelvic floor.
· Control of the centre must be achieved before extra movements of the arms and legs are added.
· The centre is the deep abdominal cylinder of muscles that provide crucial support to your spine and pelvis.

Flowing Movement
· When the movements are done smoothly, with a flowing quality, there is greater control.

· Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.

· Helps calm the mind and body.
· Gives you better focus and flowing quality to the movement.