What to look for in a Pilates Class    

- As a new client you should be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding health, well-being and injury.

- Classes with 12 or fewer participants are more appropriate for beginners.

- The teacher should show individual attention, expect to be individually helped or corrected.

- The teacher should constantly be observing and communicating with both the group and individual clients.

- Teachers should be able to offer adaptations and should have equipment such as blocks and elastics to enable them to do so.

A good Pilates Instructor
- has appropriate qualifications
- has experience
- uses hands-on touch
- is attentive
- gives corrections as well as praise
- emphasises a non-competitive, relaxed environment
- encourages questions


Group Classes or Personal Training?

Working one on one with a qualified, experienced Pilates instructor can dramatically improve your results!  After a Postural Analysis and Muscle Balance Tests, an individualised programme is developed to meet your specific needs and goals. Because Pilates is about the precision and quality of movement, one on one attention ensures that you are doing the movements correctly and getting the most out of each and every exercise. One-to-one sessions are suitable for anyone requiring individual attention or with specific training needs. Privates are also a great way to start if you are planning on attending group mat sessions to ensure that you understand the principles of Pilates, the basic concepts of the work and that you are performing the exercises correctly. Making an appointment for a private session is done based on your schedule and my availability.