My timetable of classes is as follows:


9.30am and 10.30am Face to Face Bramley Centre, Bramhall

1.45pm on Zoom


11am on Zoom

12pm on Zoom (Hog Class)

8pm on Zoom


12pm on Zoom

1.30pm Face to Face Bramley Centre, Bramhall

5.30pm on Zoom (Stability Ball Class)

6.30pm on Zoom


10am on Zoom (Older Adult)

I also run 20 minutes ‘Young at Heart’ classes on Zoom four times a week. These are based on walking but also involve some low-impact moves (no jumping or running unless you want to. There is no complex choreography, just easy, simple to follow moves, suitable for everyone, with some up-beat music and a variety of speeds (but nothing too fast!).

My timetable of YAH classes is as follows:

Mondays 12.00 

Tuesdays 10.30am

Wednesdays 11.30am

Sundays 9.30am


I recently sent out a survey to all of my online Pilates students. Here is a summary of their responses…

An over-riding theme to the comments was that I still give individual attention to students. This is something I work hard at and it was nice to see that it is appreciated. Reading comments such as the following, really made my day:
“You get individual attention”
“you know she is keeping an eye on your technique” 
“Julie can see us all clearly on screen via Zoom and can continue to correct our posture”
“We still get one-on-one advice so it feels like you have been to an actual class”
“Better than an online class which has no personal input from the teacher”.

A fair few of them also made it known how beneficial the classes had been for them mentally:
“A very good option for continuing with some exercise and adding a bit of normality and structure to the week”
“It is a great way to keep in touch with people and it has helped my sanity“
“When all else changed and almost everything else was cancelled it was great to have the familiarity of the class“
“The mental benefits of structured, regular self-care have been apparent for a long time, but they came to the fore during this period“

The fact that you can see yourselves on screen via Zoom was also recognised by many of them as being a bonus to doing the classes in this way:
“I like being able to see myself as well”
“We can see ourselves to check positions”

The social side of being able to see their fellow students was also mentioned by a few of them:
“You get the exercise plus there is a chance to chat at the end of the class“
“having even a minute or two chat at the beginning or end helps with the unity of the group“
“I am happy that I can still participate in the Pilates classes with people I know and a teacher that understands her classes needs”
“Good to see everyone again as we can’t all meet in person“
“An unusual but fun way of meeting“
“I enjoy looking forward to logging in online for the classes and seeing Julie, our instructor and regular classmates“
“Friendly group”
“Nice to see and hear people on the screen while we can’t be face-to-face“
“Really enjoy the online classes and seeing familiar faces“